more keyboards = faster hacking

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What does it do:

Keebie is basically a small script for assigning and executing commands on a second (or third, fourth, etc., the only limit should be how many ports you have) keyboard. So you can make the spacebar search for a window and paste something. or make the M button run a script.


How to set up:

Okay so this point is still a little bit uh, well. experimental. I am not very experienced with permissions systems in linux and this involves that so if you know a better way of doing what I'm doing , please tell me. Anyways, with that out of the way, lets go over what you need to do to set this up

And that should have you up and ready to roll. If when you run the script, you get an error saying something about permission denied, something has gone wrong with step 2. Good luck lmao.



Just dump the files anywhere and run python and if everything it up and running, you should be good to go. Test your second keyboard by pressing spacebar which is bound to a test message by default. To run with more keyboards, run the script again with the --device <dev-id> option for however many devices you want to add.


--device <device-id> Launches th script attatched to specified device, creating a new layer file specifically for it if it doesnt already exist. Press ESC to return to default layer.

--add: Launches into the script addition shell. Instructions should be pretty straightforward. Any commands entered will be launched, and if you try to bind the same key twice, your new value will overwrite the old one. there is some special syntax that can be used in this entry that will allow for special functions:

--list: Lists all layer files and all of their contents

-h or --help: Shows a short help message


Some tips:

Multi-script drifting

put an & at the end of your commands. this will effectively make any commands you run through it into their own process and keep from any long winded scripts or error messages keeping the rest of your macros from responding. I considered putting this feature in by default, but decided against it since I assume the only people who will be using it would prefer to have the choice left up to them, and I would prefer not to write a system for swapping it in and out.