Eli's Useful Linux Scripts


Take a screenshot, then post it to Discord

Reqs: teiler, wmctrl, xdotool, sleep

Copy the current URL from focused firefox page, and post it to Discord

Reqs: wmctrl, xdotool, sleep

Update Website ( syncs files between current PC and Server )

Reqs: scp, cp, ssh, authorized_keys set up

Fix Yakuake blur not being applied at startup

~/.bashrc ⬎

Reqs: xdotool, xprop, KDE, yakuake

Install the Breezly Yakuake Theme

Open Yakuake and change theme in appearence settings

Reqs: Yakuake, git

Automate tab setup on startup in Yakuake

You will need to modify it to suit your specific needs

Reqs: Yakuake, KDE